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Privacy Policy

The protection of your private and personal information is of utmost importance to biGObiTV. For this reason, we want you to be comfortable and confident that any kind of information released to us will be secure and protected. Below are the types of information biGObiTV would need from you and why we collect them. The kinds of personal information we collect are:

• Your full name and country
• Your email address
• Any other information that would facilitate transactions between you and biGObiTV

Why do we collect this type of information?

You provide your personal information when you opt to become a member, when you have comments or questions, when you request information, or when you subscribe to our Newsletter. We collect your information to facilitate the communication or transactions.

When do we use your information?

To maintain the relationship we have established with you. We would keep you up to date of any new developments in biGObiTV. We also need to be able to reach you if it is necessary, for example, newly added content or subscription renewal reminder.

There are instances information you provide would be used for promotions and marketing purposes. For example, when you participate in surveys, reviews, comment on films. Any and all information collected is solely for the purpose of biGObiTV and would not be released to third parties without your expressed written consent. Third parties doing business with us must agree to also obtain your consent and maintain your privacy if they have to disseminate your personal information to us. Instances involving third parties include when you make subscription payment using Paypal. biGObiTV will never sell or rent your personal information.

How we protect your privacy

As long as you are on biGObiTV website, you are protected by our privacy policy. While we would do our utmost to protect your privacy, please bear in mind that nothing is fool proof. The internet is an open medium and at risk of interception by third parties in the event that you transact with us. We cannot be liable for situations that are out of our control. By transacting with us, you agree to the use of your private information as governed by the outlines of our Privacy Policy. Persons under 18 cannot use biGObiTV website without the expressed consent of a parent or guardian.

Please check back periodically for changes in our Privacy Policy. If the information we have about you is inaccurate or changes, do not hesitate to inform us immediately.


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